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Sri Lanka – The land of Serendipity.

Sri Lanka has often been described as a tropical paradise. The vegetation of the coastal belt is lush and dramatic and the mountainous areas of the interior are spectacular. Pleasant sea breezes temper the coast’s tropical climate throughout the year, the hills and mountains in the center of the island are cool at night.

“Sri” means blessed and “Lanka” is the name of the island in Sinhala which is the language of the majority. Long ago, Arab traders knew the island as Serendib, which is the origin of the word serendipity, reflecting the unexpected pleasures of the land. Sri Lanka, once known as the British Crown Colony of Ceylon, became independent in 1948, although it remained under dominion status.

INR 13,756
5 days

Day 1: Negombo

Negombo is a modest beach town which has been blessed with nature's gifts. The wild cinnamon that grew in the region around Negombo was said to be "the very best in the universe as well as the most abundant" and for centuries attracted a succession of foreign traders and colonial powers. The shallow waters of the Negombo Lagoon provided safe shelter for seafaring vessels and became one of the key ports. This lagoon is one of the most scenic landmarks of Negombo.

Day 2: Kandy

Kandy, locally known as Maha Nuvara. It is the second-largest city of Sri Lanka and an important Buddhist pilgrimage destination, especially for those belonging to the Theravada school. The Kanday Perahera is the busiest time for religious visitors. There is also the charm of being surrounded by tropical plantations in the hills and the most important cash crop is Ceylon tea, samples of which can easily be purchased in the city.

Day 3: Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya is a city in the hill country of the Central Province, Sri Lanka. Its name means "city on the plain” (table land) or "city of light". Nuwara Eliya is better known as Little England of Sri Lanka. The climate, surroundings, and architecture of this area are different than other villages. Due to its cooler climate, it is the most important area for tea production in Sri Lanka. This is the place for visiting tea estates and shopping some of the world famous "Ceÿlon Tea."

Day 4: Colombo

Colombo, the capital city, lies on a flat coastal plain on the southwestern side of the island. The buildings in this area are typically British and Dutch colonial and the streets are generally congested. Colombo is known for its gem cutting and ivory carving. Touring along the city is recommended to explore the diversity and hidden majesty.

Day 5: Bye Bye Birdie

All great holidays have an end. Relish a yummy breakfast at the hotel and pack your bags and memories. Check-out from the hotel and reach the airport for your onward flight.
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